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Von links nach rechts: Anurag Ranjan, Michael J. Black, Andreas Geiger and Joel Janai. Copyright: MPI-IS / W. Scheible

Color patch could throw self-driving vehicles off track

Researchers send wake-up call to the car industry

A team of researchers in Tübingen show that optical flow systems based on deep neural networks – a likely component of future autonomous cars – are vulnerable to adversarial attacks. The computer vision experts are shaking up the automotive industry by warning car manufacturers around the globe that it could take a simple color pattern to put the brakes on computer vision systems in autonomous cars.

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Anurag Ranjan
Ph.D. Student
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Joel Janai
Ph.D. Student
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Andreas Geiger
Professor, University of Tübingen <br/ >Max Planck Research Group Leader
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Michael Black
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Linda Behringer
Public Relations