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David Stutz

Master Student

Office: S 2.013
+49 7071 6011854

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Cusuh Ham

M.S. Intern

I am a Master's student visiting from the Georgia Institute of Technology, where I am advised by Dr. James Hays. My research interests are in computer vision and machine learning.

Office: S2 007

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Mengqi Ji

Ph.D. Student Intern

Mengqi is a Ph.D. student at HKUST, supervised by Prof. Lu Fang (currently in Tsinghua Univ.). From April 2018, he started an internship in MPI hosted by Dr. Andreas Geiger. His primary interest is in 3D reconstruction using DL.

Office: S2.007

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Zhaoyang Lv

Ph.D. Student Intern

Phd student from Georgia Tech, working on 3D scene flow and motion estimation.

Office: S2.007

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Moritz Menze


Advisor: Andreas Geiger

Leibniz Universität Hannover

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Seungjun Nah

Guest Scientist

I am a Ph.D student majoring in computer vision from SNU computer vision lab, advised by prof. Kyoung Mu Lee. I'm visiting MPI-IS as a guest scientist, supervised by prof. Andreas Geiger.

Office: S2.007
+49 1525 280 1478

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Dinesh Reddy

Ph.D. Student Intern

Advisor: Andreas Geiger

My areas of interest lie at the intersection of Machine learning, Computer Vision and 3D Reconstruction. I am currently trying to use machine learning algorithms to learn and improve 3D reconstruction.

Office: 1.B.12

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Gernot Riegler

Ph.D. Student Intern

Advisor: Andreas Geiger

Office: 1.B.12

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Jun Xie

Office: 1.A.08

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Chen Zhou

Advisor: Andreas Geiger

Office: 1.A.08